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Meet the Castle Rock Bike and Ski Team

Mark & KC Neel “Fools in Charge”

Mark has worked in the bike and snow sports industry since 1985. What started out as a part-time gig during college turned into a lifelong passion that led him to where he is today.

Mark was a volunteer patrolman at Arapahoe Basin for several years and he still considers the place his “Center of the Universe.” Mark is also the founding coach of the Castle Rock Crankers Youth Cycling Club, which was created 14 years ago, and he continues to serve in that capacity today.  

When you don’t see him at the shop, you’ll likely find Mark riding one of his bikes (yes, he has several because there are so many trails to tackle, gravel to grind, and roads to wander). Or you will catch him plunging down the slopes with a grin on his face and giggle in his throat (and, yes, he has more than a couple of pairs of skis, too).

After more than two decades as a reporter covering the TV and entertainment industries, KC joined Castle Rock Bike & Ski as the official “door greeter” in 2004. She also currently serves as a board member of the Downtown Castle Rock Merchants Association.

KC loves knocking around the neighborhood and paths on her bike but is equally happy when she’s riding her mountain bike on single-track trails. KC’s passion for skiing goes back to when she was a kid. And after decades of practice, she proudly considers herself an intermediate skier who is happy to be on the hill enjoying the whole experience.

Alex “Daredevil” Reisinger

Alex has a long history in the bike industry, most recently as a manufacturing carbon tech at Denver-based Guerilla Gravity. Alex was the co-founder and lead mechanic at Regroup Coffee + Bicycles in Scottsdale, AZ, before moving to Colorado in 2021. Alex is also the co-owner of Spooky Cycles, which manufactures killer road and gravel bikes.

You can often find Alex riding around on the trails or roads around here. He also snowboards AND skis so you might see him on the slopes one day shredding or hitting a kicker on his board and schussing and carving down the mountain on his skis the next.

Cale “Lettuce” Shoffner

Cale spends his free time on his gravel bike exploring the unbeaten path or spending quality time with his kitten. Cale has lived in Arizona and Washington but found his home in Colorado for its variety weather and long ski season.

If you are looking to find Cale out of the office there is no better place to look than your local Taco Bell drive-thru. 

“Debt is temporary, but outdoor sports are for life.” -Cale (Circa 2023)

Jonas “Music Man” Archibald

Jonah celebrates the entire library of the cycling universe so on any given day you might find him riding his road bike, or his mountain bike, or his fixie, or…. You get the drift; he likes bikes. Jonas participates in many of the iconic rides around the state and is a member of the Castle Rock Crankers High School Mountain Bike Team.

Jonas’ love of cycling is neck-in-neck with his passion for skiing and music. He hits the slopes as much as possible And when he isn’t riding or skiing or studying, he is playing music, listening to music and even making music.

Jaden “JB” Brown  

Jaden loves riding his bike, skiing, catching fish and hunting, among other things. Basically, he loves just about everything involving The Great Outdoors.

Jaden will be a senior at Castle View High School this fall and races his bike with the CR Crankers High School Mountain Bike Team.  And don’t blink if you’re skiing with him because he’ll be down the mountain waiting for you at the lift before you know it.

 John “Shredder” Malouf 

John will be a junior at Castle View High School this fall. You’ll often see him kicking around town on his one-wheel board. But John also loves to ride his mountain bike anywhere there is dirt.

And we don’t think there are many people who are more in love with snowboarding than John. He’s on the slopes almost every week and all that time on the hill has make him wicked good.

Come in and say “H!” He’ll make you smile and feel right at home.

Quin “The Hammer” Catbagan

Quin loves bikes. He loves riding bikes even more. One day he’ll be riding on pavement with his road bike. The next day, he’ll be barreling down the hill on his mountain bike. And chances are, if he is riding recreationally, he is probably listening to Taylor Swift on his headphones.

Quin, who will be a senior at Douglas County High School beginning this fall, races on the Castle Rock Crankers high school mountain bike team as well as the Avout Racing team.

Racing mountain bikes is a passion but you can tell he loves it. And he’s good at it too. He also knows his way around a bike and is a great mechanic.

Kalvin “The Pilot” Winder

Kalvin has been riding bikes since he was 4 years old. He loves all types of riding from dirt jumps to cross country. Whenever Kalvin is not on the trails, you can find him flying his airplane!

Kalvin is planning to attend UCCS for aerospace engineering and pursue a career as a commercial pilot. His other interests include cars, and building and flying model planes.


Tess “Heir Apparent” Neel

Tess has been working at the shop since before she could see over the counter. She sold her first bike when she was five years old. 

Whenever Tess is not at the shop, she is following her passion for theatre. For the last 6 years, Tess served as the Special Programs Manager for the DU Prison Arts Initiative, and now she is currently working on building out her own theatre company, Denver Theatre Ensemble. 

Tess is also the team director of the Castle Rock Youth Cycling Club and often leads rides during clinics and practices. Whenever a spare moment arises, she can be found on the slopes schussing down the hill at breakneck speeds, or on her bike with the wind at her back and the sun on her face.